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Nothing is impossible!

Starting with scratches up to deep grooves and missing corners. We can fix all defects with the utmost accuracy. Missing pieces are filled in and retrofitted. We match the Optics exactly, down to the struc-ture and texture of the surface.

FULL SERVICE All around the whole world HOME / CONSTRUCTION SITE Wherever we are needed SMALL PIECES? NO PROBLEM! Send us your piece


With our 4 step method we adjust perfectly to each of our client´s individual need.

You can count on us wherever you are. Our service is available to you. Even if you are at sea, we will come aboard your ship or yacht and work during transit.  Did something get damaged during installation or renovations at your home or job-site? We can help on site. Do you have small pieces that require some touching-up? Send them to us!


Success through partnership

We work exclusively with craftsmanship experts. We rely on our long lasting  collaborations with only the best qualified and specialized staff. Only with the best partners can we the best, and offer the finest services.


Renovation and Installation Damages

Did damages occur during installation or renovations? We can come to your job site and will take care of it. You can also use us as sub-contractors. We are your professional and discrete partner.


Elegance in carats

We can gild or gold plate almost any surface and substrate you desire. Whether it is touching up a small flaw or a whole  surface like walls and ceilings. With your long time experience we turn every-thing into gold!

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